Aran Knitwear The Best Garments For Men

Fashion and design can be termed as among the fastest growing in the world today. Each and every day there is a new fashion in the market and hence the producers are not sleeping to ensure they come with a different design from the one in the market. A nice and well-designed knitwear will always […]

Aran Knitwear: Bringing Style And Tradition Together

aran sweater

There is always a debate on when the Aran residents began making their world renown Aran Knitwear. Some people think that is slightly over a century ago while other are of the opinion that this tradition is older than that. Regardless of when they started it does not change the fact that this is one […]

Irish gifts and sweaters crafted to soothe you in style

Did it ever go through your mind, why Irish gifts and sweaters are so famous all over the world? When you use these products, from the Ireland legacy you will surely have this question answered. The genuine Irish gifts are of very high quality and satisfy the consumer needs fully, without any doubt. All you […]

Bag Accesories

THE TOP 6 BAG ACCESSORIES FOR TO BUY   Purchasing bag accessories can be a daunting task if you do not have adequate information about the various brands within the market. You can end up spending a lot of money on a brand that you didnt need. In case you are considering buying a bag […]

Wool Hoodies

Benefits of Including Wool Hoodies in Your Travel Kit Wool hoodies are normally included in the traveling kit as they keep you warm and comfortable in different weather conditions. Some other benefits which your hoodies in your travel kit can provide are described here under for your consideration. Available in wide variety: Hoodies made of […]

Irish Turtleneck Sweater

turtle neck sweater

All You Need to Know about Irish Turtleneck Sweater for Fishermen Irish turtleneck sweaters are normally worn by the fishermen of Aran Islands of Ireland. They have become popular all over the world as a symbol of Irish culture for their complex stitches which represent the elements and auspicious wishes of island life in this […]

Irish cardigans

Yes, the Irish cardigan is global, however long before it grew the appreciation in the front row, these modest woollen knits were intensely embedded in the art, music, as well as literature and history of Irish life, beautiful and their dark history an essential part of Ireland’s most remote communities. Not only aesthetically beautiful as […]

Grand Father Shirts

The grand father shirt is best known for its thick material and its lack of a collar. The shirt is typically long-sleeved and made from either flannel or brushes cotton or Irish linen. This shirt is also known by some to be part of Ireland’s national costume. The shirt is especially popular the factory workers […]

Aran sweaters and Cardigans

Quills Woolen Market Aran sweaters are known for their high quality and competitive prices. They are made by an Irish company known as Quills Woolen Market. This company has been in operation since 1938. it is well known in Ireland and all over the world for its original Irish knitted garments and gifts. This company […]

Guinness Clothing

Irish Gifts and Sweaters The legacy of Guinness has grown since the 1759 advent and the celebration of the brand’s history continues in new and beautiful way. Guinness Clothing is the source of official branded merchandise that boasts of the same impeccable quality as the rich stout. The Irish gifts and sweaters have the signature […]