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Aran Knitwear The Best Garments For Men

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Fashion and design can be termed as among the fastest growing in the world today. Each and every day there is a new fashion in the market and hence the producers are not sleeping to ensure they come with a different design from the one in the market. A nice and well-designed knitwear will always attract customers. Aran knitwear for men are the most booming in the market. They are well and smartly designed to fit any man on earth. Quills woolen market the company behind this amazing knitwear has realized that men also require to be neat and smartly dressed.

1. Quality

These fantastic garments are made with an outstanding quality. It incorporate different styles from the Irish Aran stitches hence its name. The whole garment is 100% woolen. It’s made from the highest quality wool that’s why this knitwear is recognized as an outstanding garment for men. Its quality also makes it to create warmth to the wearer and hence making it the best during cold seasons especially in those countries that experiences winter.

2. Design

There are different types of design in which the Aran knitwear for men are designed. The design of the merino Aran sweater is different with the Aran zip cable cardigan. This makes it a unique garment that gives its customer the taste they would like to have. Some of these knitwear are made with side pockets while others don’t have and therefor the choice is yours. The Aran basket stitches, honeycomb, the diamonds and many other decorations gives this amazing garment a wonderful design which is eye appealing to any person who comes across it.

3. Size and color

Due to differences in men sizes, the Aran knitwears are of different sizes. Young men and grownups have sizes that can fit them. You only need to know your sizes and then you can select the best fitting for you. Their sizes in different parts of the garment correspond so as not to have non-uniform knitwear as some of the garment from other designers in the market are. These knitwear are of different types of colors to suit the buyer. Some are black, others are white among many other different types of colors.

4. Price

The reality is that quality goes hand in hand with the cost, but this is different. These knitwears are affordable to many since the price is below the expectation. The new price list is amazing since the older prices have been marked down. Make haste and purchase one for you and your family members.

Aran Knitwear: Bringing Style And Tradition Together

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

There is always a debate on when the Aran residents began making their world renown Aran Knitwear. Some people think that is slightly over a century ago while other are of the opinion that this tradition is older than that. Regardless of when they started it does not change the fact that this is one of those things that every closed or wardrobe should have to be complete.

As most people will state it, Aran Knitwear brings together style and tradition. If you own an Aran sweater, for example, you can be assured that you will still look fashionable while maintaining a traditional appeal.

Choosing a knitting style

When buying this type of clothing, there are three styles or types of knit to choose from. The different knits also dictate the price you pay for your sweater, and so you should be able to distinguish them. The three knit options are as follows.

1. Hand Knit Aran: This is the oldest style of knitting Aran, and it has a more traditional look and it would be perfect is this look is what you are looking for. These sweaters are knit from heavier yarn and tightly. They last longer and also have very distinct designs.

2. Hand Loomed Aran: This are produced by a hand loom that is controlled by a person. This means that the individual can control several aspects of the knit and if the person is skilled enough he or she can produce very high-quality sweaters.

3. Machine Knit Aran. With this knit, you just sit back and let a machine do everything for you. These sweaters are usually produced in large scale for widespread distribution. Although they have all the necessary features or Aran knitwear, they are typically lower quality.

Choosing the right place to buy your Aran sweater

aran sweatersUnderstanding the different knit options available for Aran knitwear is the fast step in finding a great sweater and the second and last one is choosing the right place to buy. There are very many companies that produce and distribute these sweaters across the globe, but you have to find one that will work well for you. To do this you will have to consider the following:

· Fabric used to make the sweaters: Irish wool is traditionally used to make most Aran knitwear. As a buyer, you can use this as a basis for ascertaining the authenticity of the product.

· Styles available: There are very many styles available for this knitwear, and so good companies should stock as many as possible. By going for a company with many styles to choose from you will be increasing your chances of getting exactly what you have in mind.

· Delivery is also necessary: Buying the sweater is one thing and having it delivered is another. A good company should be able to deliver to any part of the world within a reasonable time.

· Return policy: In case you are not satisfied with the order you should be able to return it for a replacement or a refund of your money.

The Aran knitwear gives you the opportunity to look stylish while still maintaining a traditional look. However, understanding the different sweater knit options and choosing the right seller should always be on your mind if you want to get the best sweater.

Irish gifts and sweaters crafted to soothe you in style

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Did it ever go through your mind, why Irish gifts and sweaters are so famous all over the world? When you use these products, from the Ireland legacy you will surely have this question answered. The genuine Irish gifts are of very high quality and satisfy the consumer needs fully, without any doubt. All you need to do is find a genuine dealer of Irish gifts, for making an ideal purchase.

What’s so special about Irish gifts?

Many Irish gifts and sweaters are trendy and attract people from across the globe. The quality with which the items are made and their splendor are indeed the prime factors, which makes them special to anyone. What to look for among Irish gifts? Would you like to have genuine items made of sheepskin? You can choose from the various designs of slippers, rugs, hats…made out of pure sheepskin in Irish models. Tweed fabric is also made use in making of Irish items like socks, caps, jackets, waist coasts, etc., which will look spectacular on you, with its amazing designs.

Search for more in Irish stores

You can find finely made socks, scarves, hats, other costumes for kids, men and women for various needs, from genuine materials like wool and animal skin. There are many buyers from world-wide for wool knitted Irish items, which are not just beautiful but also useful on a daily basis. Irish gifts became popular and dearer to people for its quality, range of products and hand-made or traditional approaches used in its manufacturing. Additionally, Irish home collection includes linen items, quilts, rugs, sheepskin items, and other accessories, to beautify the living spaces in your homes. Thus, they make a perfect gifting idea as well. Have you ever wanted a good hand knit woolen sweater? Then look into the Irish sweater collection, be amazed and pick out the one, which suits you the best.

Time to throw away old-fashioned sweaters

2015-06-01_1324If you are bored wearing your regular sweaters, let’s call for a change and bring some Ireland fashion in. Irish sweaters are also popular by the names, Aran sweaters or Fisherman Sweater, and they are specially crafted with one hundred percent natural wool. Aran sweaters are beautiful ones, which comes in various outlooks, in designs suiting everyone. You will never find better options for sweaters anywhere else for sure. This is because of its coziness, class, comfort, and what not. They are offered in pleasant and cute designs, making it very attractive. Irish sweaters are now available in various patterns, even with a modern blend of fashion, like with patches, zips, etc., without compromising on their quality and tradition. So, we can say advancement in the making processes and modern materials available has positively influenced Irish goods, enabling them a better outlook.

Just keep in mind to check out on the authenticity of the Irish gifts and sweaters, before making a buy. When you wish to have an Irish item home or as a gifting idea, surely you could get the beauty and qualities, only with an original piece or design, so don’t be betrayed by fake gifts sold under Irish name in the market.

Bag Accesories

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015



Purchasing bag accessories can be a daunting task if you do not have adequate information about the various brands within the market. You can end up spending a lot of money on a brand that you didnt need. In case you are considering buying a bag accessory and you are not sure of the best type to buy, worry no more. In our discussion below, we feature some of the most sought after bag accessories within the market that you should look at the next time you go shopping.

tote_bag_r514-340x340_1The traditional Irish tweed tote leather bag

The Irish manufactured bag measures 11inches B x 12 inches L x 3 inches W. it has a secure zipping system. Furthermore, it features the front and back pouches with zips. You can keep a number of items in the bag since it is very spacious in the inside. Leather strap that is long and supple makes them unisex. The bag goes for $ 91.28 only.

IRISH TWEED& LEATHER SHOULDER BAGThe Irish tweed and leather shoulder bag

This bag is yet another wonderful accessory for you to buy. Dimensionally it is 9 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches for the length, width and the base respectively. You can adjust the leather strap to suit your needs. Moreover, it comes with two zip pockets. The bag costs $ 96.66 only.

The hand knit Aran bagThe hand knit Aran bag

This bag has beautiful handles made of wood. The cable Aran design makes it one in its own class. It is 11inches x12 inches length and width respectively. It will cost you $ 64.4 to buy the bag
The Aran Satchel bagThe Aran Satchel bag

The bag is made of pure merino wool. It measures 12 inches x 8 inches for the length and width respectively. You can fasten it with the help of the toggle button. The length of the woolen strap of the bag is 20 inches. Its price is $ 56.88 on retail.

The Irish tweed and leather buckle bagThe Irish tweed and leather buckle bag

This accessory is 10 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches for the length, width and base in that order. It has an adjustable strap for easy carrying. The two extra zip types of pockets located at the back and the front gives you another reason of buying them. It costs $ 80.53.

The Irish tweed and leather-travelling bagThe Irish tweed and leather-travelling bag

It is 8 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches for the length width and base respectively. It comes with two zips through which you can place and remove items from the bag as well as an adjustable leather strap for easy carrying. The price of the bag is $ 64.40. bn

Wool Hoodies

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Benefits of Including Wool Hoodies in Your Travel Kit

Wool hoodies are normally included in the traveling kit as they keep you warm and comfortable in different weather conditions. Some other benefits which your hoodies in your travel kit can provide are described here under for your consideration.

Available in wide variety: Hoodies made of wool are available in wide variety of colors and sizes from which you can choose according to your suitability and choice as they can add grace to your outer appearance.

Customized designs: You can design your wool hoodies as per your choice as many companies promise to provide you them in your customized design. Though you may have to pay a bit higher price for it but you will not be disappointed.

Water repellent: Wool is a water resistant fabric so woolen hoodies can protect you in showering rain due to its tight weaving.

Keep you warm when damp: Though wool can absorb water like cotton but still it has insulating ability which helps in keeping you warm even if it is wet. In fact, woolen clothes produce some amount of heat after absorbing water and this process is known as exothermic which keeps you warm in such odd condition also.

Highly breathable: Wool hoodies keep you comfortable in any weather condition as woolen clothes usually are highly breathable. It helps in evaporating sweat without taking it off if you sweat after some work out while wearing it. Even in extreme cold weather it protects you from freezing temperature through its breathable tightly woven structure.

Spark and fire resistant: Woolen clothes are spark and fire resistant so it is easy to dry them on campfire if they get wet due to any reason, so is the condition with woolen hoodies.

aran sweatersFight with body odour: Wool resist your body odour for longer time than other fabrics due to its natural antibiotic property. It is a great reason to include wool hoodies in the travel kit as you can wear them for several days without washing as they can fight with your body odour.

Regulate body temperature: Though the effectiveness of this feature can vary with every individual but still it is true that woolen garments help in regulating your body temperature far and wide. Woolen hoodies keep you warm not only in winter but also in wet season. They do not allow you to chill while moving outdoor and warm you up quickly when you return indoor.

Thus it is beneficial to include wool hoodies in your travel kit.


Irish Turtleneck Sweater

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

All You Need to Know about Irish Turtleneck Sweater for Fishermen

Irish turtleneck sweaters are normally worn by the fishermen of Aran Islands of Ireland. They have become popular all over the world as a symbol of Irish culture for their complex stitches which represent the elements and auspicious wishes of island life in this part of Ireland. This handmade sweater is most successful in the harsh environment of North Atlantic as it represents the hard work of the artisans through its honeycomb stitches and diamonds designed in it to represent fishing nets.

Details of turtleneck sweater

Irish turtleneck sweater is made in Ireland from 100% merino wool for men in various sizes. The range of Its sizes for men include M size from 38 to 40, L size from 42 to 44, XL size from 46 to 48 and XXL size from 50 to 52.

Care info about Irish sweater

The Irish turtleneck sweater for fishermen is recommended to dry clean only to maintain its looks and consistency.

Cultural facts about turtleneck sweater from Ireland

The origin of these Irish turtleneck sweaters with thick knitting, usually linked with the fishermen, is supposed to be in the western Ireland at the mouth of Galway bay on the Aran Islands. Since 1900s creative enterprising women of this islands started using untreated wool rich in lanolin for knitting these sweaters. The main aim of making these sweaters was to support the fishing economy of the islands by making a craft that can be sold round the year by utilizing traditional patterns and skills along with providing a water resistant and heavy garment to their families to keep them warm in every weather condition.

Aran SweatersA myth is also associated with these hand-knit sweaters that each family knits their stitches in their own patterns so that drowned fishermen can be recognized easily through the design of their sweaters. Though it is true that the patterns of these sweaters have some symbolic meaning but the variety in these patterns can be due to creative thinking of the artisans making them. Most of the creative knitters develop new patterns and designs suggested by their friends on these turtleneck sweaters to display their new creative ideas by including their own twists and turns.

Irish turtleneck sweaters are chosen by local folks and the tourists coming from around the world on the basis of their symbolic stitches and patterns which are intricately different from one another. Some of the patterns found on these sweaters may include:

  • Braided cable stitches that remind about the strength of close ties of the family
  • Cable stitches that represent fishing ropes as the tools of safety on the water and hard work
  • Diamond stitches imitate the design of fishing nets mesh, the main ingredient of success on the Aran
  • Abundance of nature is represented by Moss stitches
  • Basket stitches are made to represent a lavish catch
  • The traditional Celtic motifs represented through Trinity stitches signify the cultural pride of this region
  • The reward of industrious life of honeybees is represented through Honeycomb stitches

So the Irish turtleneck sweaters are popular all over the world for their unique stitches.

Irish cardigans

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Yes, the Irish cardigan is global, however long before it grew the appreciation in the front row, these modest woollen knits were intensely embedded in the art, music, as well as literature and history of Irish life, beautiful and their dark history an essential part of Ireland’s most remote communities.

Not only aesthetically beautiful as well as traditionally meaningful, the Irish cardigans, were naturally practical as well. Made from wool of sheep, they are warm then insulating, providing a shield from the Atlantic winds, winter cold, in addition to the tough Irish rain. They are good for repelling water not becoming soggy, they hold nearly 30% of their own weight of water.

These classic knits have a tragic history- labored over for hours by mothers; they were initially created with mournful intent. Wives of fishermen stitched family patterns into these cardigans, knowing they could be knitting the last thing their sons and husbands ever wore. Families of men endangered their lives to set out for the risky but fish-rich sea waters of the Atlantic every day in order to cater for their families. After boats had overturned and sunk, usually there was little survival chance. As the dead bodies washed up on shore, at times days or weeks later, often in an unrecognisable state, the lovely stitches of the woolen sweaters helped islanders recognize the ill-fated men.

quills woolen marketThe  story behind the Irish cardigan is what Quill’s reasons is making it a popular fashion staple.. Quill’s Woollen Mills since 1938 has been vending Irish Cardigans through when they began to sell the cardigans at local marketplaces, eventually developing into the family trade it is today. When The Clancy Brothers performed on the Ed Sullivan Show decorated out in corresponding Irish their mama had sent to help them brave the New York winter, it pushed them to fame among the American diaspora. Ever Since then, Muireann Quill has received contacts from popular New York designers about how to make these traditional garments. When asked what she reasons of the Irish cardigan turning to the latest must-have, she says ‘I’m absolutely pleased. I think it was at all times well recognized, however even in our family, seeing it get this credit is fantastic.

Grand Father Shirts

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

The grand father shirt is best known for its thick material and its lack of a collar. The shirt is typically long-sleeved and made from either flannel or brushes cotton or Irish linen. This shirt is also known by some to be part of Ireland’s national costume. The shirt is especially popular the factory workers in Northern worker. The highly adsorbent nature of the fabric made the grandfather shirt ideal for heavy work. This however does not limit the use of the grandfather shirt to menial work. The shirt when worn with either a black pair of pants or Irish tweed pants, the apparel is ideal for attending funerals, mass and also weddings.

The grandfather shirt is available in a number of designs suitable for the carrying out of both menial tasks and duties at the office. These designs include the following:-
1. White tartan flannel shirt checkered with blue lines
This shirt when worn with blue jeans is an ideal get up for men for going out for a drink with friends. It can also be great while on site seeing. The blue lines match superbly with the blue of the jeans. It is a great costume for going out on a first date.

2. Navy/cream striped flannel grandfather shirt
This shirt is ideal when worn with barge khaki trousers. The attire is ideal for carrying various menial tasks on the farm such splitting. The navy/cream shirt with grey or brown stripes does not easily show making of dirt making the shirt ideal for heavy dirt involving tasks.

3. Grey traditional flannel shirt
This shirt when worn with faded jeans and a pair of rubber boots is great when carrying out light tasks around the farm such as shoveling hay into the barn or when laying straw beds.

4. Blue tartan flannel shirt checkered with green stripes.
This shirt is best work with barge khaki pants or blue jeans. When combined with the khaki pants the attire is ideal for carrying out various menial tasks. When worn with blue jeans the attire is ideal for going out with friends for a boy’s night out.

5. Red stripped tartan flannel shirt
This shirt is best worn untucked with faded jeans where it makes a great outfit for a first time date.

6. Cream linen Irish color grandfather shirt
This shirt when worm with black jeans or formal black trousers is immaculate enough to attend to duties in the office.

irish gifts and sweatersConclusion
The grandfather shirt is a shirt that can serve a multitude of functions by being part of a wide range of attires. It is therefore an item worth having in the wardrobe.

Aran sweaters and Cardigans

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Quills Woolen Market

Aran sweaters are known for their high quality and competitive prices. They are made by an Irish company known as Quills Woolen Market. This company has been in operation since 1938. it is well known in Ireland and all over the world for its original Irish knitted garments and gifts. This company was the first in Ireland and its garments are hand-made and 100% Irish. They are made by skilled craftsmen who produce perfect garments and gifts for the world market.

Aran garments for you

Quills Woolen Market has authentic garments and gifts for you from the Aran Islands. These are sweaters, cardigans and gifts made for adults, boys and girls. There is a huge variety of these garments for you. Examples are the shamrock kids Aran sweater that retails for only $45.18. This beautiful sweater features a shamrock which is the traditional symbol of Ireland. It is also made of 100% soft Merino wool. Another product is the children’s hand-knit hooded cardigan that retails for a very affordable $48.58. It has kangaroo pockets and a zip fastener. In addition to that, you can get the baby hand-knit Aran poncho. It has a collar fastener that uses a leather looking button. This sweet garment is available for $48.58.

Delivery to you

You can buy any of the authentic Aran garments on the Quills Woolen Market online store. After purchase, the product can be delivered to you. A flat rate of $16.93 is charged for every item bought. This charge is also an insurance policy on all shipped products. The goods will take between 4 to 7 working days to get to your location. Sometimes, your goods can suffer delays in delivery. This is due to customs checks and is no fault of Quills Woolen Market.

Tips about Aran wool garments

quills woolen marketThe sweaters and cardigans that are produced by Quills Woolen Market are made of 100% natural woolen fibre. Thus, they should be hand-washed with a special wool detergent. After that, they should be dried flat. They can also be safely dry-cleaned. However, they should not be machine washed at all except if it is indicated as such on the garment label. Moreover, do not tumble dry a garment made of Aran wool. A great advantage of Aran woolen garments is that they are breathable. This means that you do not have to clean them as often as other woolen clothes. Thus, they only require periodic cleaning and they will last a lifetime. Quills Woolen Markets cares for its customers. Thus, if a garment that you have bought does not satisfy you, you can return it for a refund within 21 days of purchasing it. You can also get another size of the same garment on request.


Guinness Clothing

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Irish Gifts and Sweaters

The legacy of Guinness has grown since the 1759 advent and the celebration of the brand’s history continues in new and beautiful way. Guinness Clothing is the source of official branded merchandise that boasts of the same impeccable quality as the rich stout. The Irish gifts and sweaters have the signature harp motif and the trademark Arthur Guinness �autograph’ as well as variations of the designs that speak of Irish customs. There is a wide range of items available to enhance your brand collection or to gift to a friend who enjoys quality clothing from the company. The presented items in the store are printed and also designed in Ireland. In addition, the first-rate materials used to represent the brand ensuring that the consumer comfort and enjoyment is high.


Signature Fleece Jacket

Guinness Clothing presents the Signature Fleece jacket which has both good aesthetics and is expedient for cold weather. The texture is smooth and soft and the woolly feel will make certain that the wearer will enjoy the best from the tactile aspects. There are different sizes presented so as to fit individuals perfectly and there is no need to be apprehensive about the probability of the jacket getting stretched when washed. The appeal lies in the dark hues used as well as the general cut of the sweater. The drop down zipper is ideal for easy dressing and a causal open look when the weather is fair and the discrete Guinness logo ensures that you will fit in semi-formal events comfortably.


Guinness Flat Cap

The Guinness flat cap is a beautiful gift that is perfect for both men and women. It is designed in the traditional configuration with the typical small and stiff brim in the front. The Guinness brand name is displayed on this brim where it blends in smartly with the rest of the cap. The distinct appeal of the product lies in the patchwork applied on the flat work to create contrast and unique aesthetics. It is a cool and fresh look that will match with just about every casual clothing item in your wardrobe. The inside of the cap has been lined to advance the level of comfort experienced in every type of weather.

Guinness Pint Socks

Guinness Pint socks are mainly focused on the expediency but if you want to show them off, you will not be disappointed with the response. These can be worn by anyone who enjoys a thick pair of socks while hiking or at home when the weather is a little chilly. The woolly feel is comfortable and the natural shades will be perfect whenever you are. Choose your Irish sweaters and gift items at Guinness Clothing.

guiness_pint_sockssignature_fleece_jacketGuinness cap